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new book

Talmud as Philosophy

available soon

Wittgenstein and Religion
Philosophy does not leave everything as it is

delivered at the
American Philosophical Association
Pacific meeting 1992

makes some of the same points as "Wittgenstein and Religion"

archived at the Secular Web Kiosk
Physics & Philosophy


Contingency and Pessimism
Rorty on Creativity and Understanding

published in The Philosophical Forum (Spring 1992)
Breaking News
Science and Religion in Agreement
No Further News to Follow

Reading the Promise
The Privileged Viewpoints of Abraham and Sarah

delivered at the International Association for
Philosophy and Literature
Emory University 1989
My Philosophy

really boiling it down

Understanding the Question
Wittgenstein on Faith and Meaning

delivered at 1985 Western division of the
American Academy of Religion
published in Religious Studies vol.26 (1990)

in response to Dennett/Shulevitz

Berkeley's Presence
Metaphysical Development and Dialectical Tension

based on a chapter of my 1979 dissertation
published in Idealistic Studies (Sept.1988)

headline of an Estacada News story about a local 4-day conference on Creationism
The Privilege of Sharing
Dead Ends in the Life of Language

published in
Dialogue & Deconstruction:
the Gadamer-Derrida Encounter

ed. Diane Michelfelder and Richard Palmer
(SUNY 1989)

Sam kept a previous tenant's mezuzah for good luck, even though he's not Jewish
(published on Sam's blog Undernews)